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five different languages

Title: five different languages
Length: ~11,000 words, one-shot; maybe a sequel~
: Yunjae, (slight) JaeMin, blink-and-you-miss-it-Yoosu
Rating: R for cussing
Genre: AU, romance, 'angst', drama, comedy, friendship!fic
: I don't own any of the people mentioned in this piece of fiction.
Summary: Changmin's eyes tell him a story in five different languages and Yunho doesn't understand any of them. Sequel to the clock strikes twelve twice . Jaejoong is still a barista, Yunho has still a girlfriend and Changmin is still plotting.

A/N: I was honestly surprised by the positive feedback I got on the clock strikes twelve twice. Thank you all for commenting and I hope you enjoy the sequel!

five different languages

”Jaejoong has quite a pleasant voice,” Changmin says one day when he’s sitting next to Yunho in the café. Jaejoong is serving an elderly couple and his smile is contagious – it makes the cosy café a bit brighter.

“Oh, what made you think so?” Yunho asks as he sips the black coffee in front of him. He doesn’t know what to think of the tone of voice Changmin used; it makes him slightly uncomfortable.

Changmin smiles and puts his cup of coffee down, “Yeah. I heard him singing in the kitchen once when I woke up.”

Yunho can’t think of anything to say, so they lapse into an uncomfortable silence and he settles on being content with just watching Jaejoong. Changmin shifts.

“Are you uncomfortable with it?” he asks, his eyes moving to the direction where Yunho’s eyes are directed at. The older man turns his face quickly and looks confused.

“What?” Yunho doesn’t understand what Changmin means by that question. He kind of knows what the other means, but doesn’t understand it. It seems kind of strange for Changmin to speak like this.

“I asked, are you uncomfortable with how close I and Jaejoong are?” Changmin’s eyes betrayed no emotion and neither did his eyes, those deep brown (almost black) orbs into which Yunho doesn’t like to look. It was like Changmin knew all the secrets he had, all the secrets Jaejoong had and all the secrets he and Jaejoong shared.

Very awkward.

It made Yunho feel like a little kid walking in the midst of traffic, wondering into which direction he should go, but still in the end he would get hit by a car. Jaejoong was a habit and a health risk, not an addiction, he had thought couple months ago. But why did he feel the beginnings of withdrawal symptoms now?

“Uh, why would I be?” Very smooth, Yunho cringed mentally and felt his hand shake a bit. Stop.

Changmin didn’t look convinced.
“Well, considering what you two had before I met him, I just thought—“

“No, Changmin— stop, stop now. I have a girlfriend, you know right? The things,” Yunho lowered his voice, “the things I and Jaejoong had between us involved no feelings, Changmin.” The younger man sighed and shook his head. Yunho saw this and felt agitated.

“And I’m pretty sure that Jaejoong treasures the friendship we’ve had for ten years more than the, uh… friendship you guys have had for couple months,” Yunho watched as Changmin’s eyes turned mischievous and his mouth stretched into a slight smirk.

“What makes you so sure that it’s only friendship we have?” Changmin’s eyes tell him a story in five different languages and Yunho doesn’t understand any of them. Jaejoong comes out of nowhere and tells them that his shift has ended.

Yunho and Jaejoong leave and make their way to the latter’s apartment.

“Changmin spoke in a weird way today,” Yunho gossips as they reach Jaejoong’s apartment and sit on the couch; they turn on the TV and watch a dull variety show that’s only slightly interesting because of the celebrities visiting. Jaejoong’s head turns.

“Doesn’t he always?” when Yunho huffs, Jaejoong continues – voice teasing, “Or maybe it’s just too much for your intelligence,” and Yunho leaps at Jaejoong, falls on top of him. They both start laughing as Yunho tickles the pretty boy and for the first time Yunho thinks about what it would feel like if he kissed those lips of a sinner – but freezes when he remembers the conversation he and Changmin had earlier in the café.

“Has Changmin kissed you?” Yunho asks, boldly, as he sits on top of Jaejoong’s body – Jaejoong’s small wrists held by his bigger hands. They fit in his grip.

Yunho doesn’t know what to think when Jaejoong starts to laugh and covers his mouth (Yunho’s hands still softly gripping his wrists) – like always. Should the answer be that obvious that it made Jaejoong laugh at him? Yunho pouts.

“What made you think that, Yunnie?” Jaejoong’s eyes momentarily remind him of Changmin’s eyes at the café, but in a flicker the resemblance is gone and Jaejoong’s uncertain smile takes place. Yunho is getting tired of all these puzzles and doesn’t answer Jaejoong’s question.

“Have you ever been kissed?” Yunho asks as he stares into Jaejoong’s black doe eyes (they seemed lifeless at times, but weren’t), knowing the answer beforehand but somehow feeling glad. Jaejoong wasn’t innocent but Yunho didn’t want anyone to corrupt the other more than he already was.

Not as expected, Jaejoong shook his head. Yunho mock-gawked at him.
“What’s this, Kim-sshi?! You’ve been getting some without me knowing!” and Jaejoong laughed at that, because Yunho had gotten it all wrong, and shook his head.

“You know that I haven’t been a serious relationship, Yunho,” the younger man interrupted by saying that ‘you don’t have to be in a relationship to get sex’, and Jaejoong scoffed, “and I have kissed; in kindergarten,  so— Yunho, stop laughing!”

They laugh together for a while before Yunho stops and his face turns more serious. He bites his lip.
“Do you want to get kissed?” Jaejoong is about to say something, but Yunho interrupts, “I mean— like really get kissed?”

An awkward silence and Yunho is about to make a joke out of it, but then Jaejoong speaks.

“What would your girlfriend think—that you’re here, kissing your best friend?”

“We have done a lot of worse things than kissing, Joongie,” Yunho states as he brushes some hair away from covering Jaejoong’s eyes. He should get his bangs cut.

“Yes but kissing— kissing is the thing that people in love do,” Jaejoong brought a hand to cover his face. He didn’t want Yunho to see his face—he didn’t want Yunho to see the look that would be on his face in a while.

“Well Joongie, I love you,” Jaejoong’s heart stopped and it felt like four minutes passed before Yunho continued, when in reality it was only one second, “you’re my best friend after all, right?”

Should I cry or laugh? Jaejoong thought and closed his eyes. Maybe Yunho would disappear if he kept them closed long enough.

The weight was still there.

“Is that a yes?”

Jaejoong didn’t answer. He didn’t want to – if he said yes, it would be like confessing his feelings to Yunho and if he said no, it would be like… Jaejoong didn’t know what it would be like, but it would make him miserable.

Actually, both options would make him feel miserable.
So he didn’t answer.

And Yunho took it as a yes.

Jaejoong didn’t have his eyes open when he felt Yunho’s dry, chapped lips against his own, the touch was soft – there was no passion, no love and no hidden feelings of everlasting romance (except maybe on my part, Jaejoong’s voice sounded bitter in his own head). The kiss was mild and passive; a mixture that was like a poison in Jaejoong’s body, spreading everywhere and paralyzing his senses – leaving a trail of myrtle green behind.

It made Jaejoong feel sick. Getting kissed by Yunho was something he had wanted ever since he understood what these feelings were, but when Yunho had done this just ‘because we are best friends’, that wish was burnt.

You should only kiss someone who you love.

Jaejoong was kissing the one he loved now.

But Yunho wasn’t.

Yunho pulled away and looked awkward, biting his lip and is he afraid to look at me, Jaejoong was confused, they had had sex but over a simple (at least it seemed simple to Yunho; Yunho himself had said that it was okay to kiss) act like this he got silent?

“So…,” Yunho began, trying to look everywhere else but Jaejoong.

“I think—I think I’ll be leaving now,” Yunho mumbled, the word home left unsaid; but both of them heard it anyways. Jaejoong felt the warmth and weight leave his body. There was a large space of white emptiness hovering above him and he didn’t care.

“Mm-m, it’d be better if you went. Your girlfriend might get worried if you stay any longer,” and it was a warning they both knew. A warning to Yunho that he shouldn’t even think about the things they had done in the past, just forget them; don’t linger on the memory of shady nights and smoke – forget the mistakes you made. The mistakes—the mistakes are imperfections and your girlfriend wants you to be perfect.

Jaejoong rose up from the couch and accompanied the younger man to the door. Usually he didn’t, but it seemed appropriate now. Like they had become strangers after one kiss.

Maybe that kiss didn’t count – I mean, it was more like a human kissing a dead cod than a human kissing another human.

Yunho opened the door and threw one last uncertain glance at Jaejoong, who just nodded as a response; go back to your home, where your girlfriend waits with an oblivious heart.

The lips of a sinner, Yunho thought as he stepped out of the apartment and put his cap on.

It would’ve been dramatic if Jaejoong were to sit on the floor and lean against the door, but in reality he wanted to do that. His legs felt like they couldn’t hold the weight he had on his shoulders anymore; maybe they’d snap in two any second now.

He staggered his way to the living room and stopped in front of the TV, turning it on. A variety show. He turned it off.

“You should stop being selfish,” Jaejoong muttered to himself while reaching out for the carton of cigarettes that lay on top of the television. He hadn’t smoked in months.

He needed to conceal the taste of Yunho with something – tobacco being the first thing that came into his mind. It was the strongest replacement for Yunho and he needed the strongest that was available.

Jaejoong took his coat from the rack and ruffled his hair, before putting the dark grey coat on and shoving the keys of the apartment into his pockets.
He took the stairs; his apartment was in the 3rd floor so he didn’t see the point in using the elevator.

It was autumn.
The air wasn’t cold nor warm; it was from somewhere between, and the smoke of the cigarette swirled in the air. It had rained two days ago.

“The idiot really has no clue what he makes me feel,” Jaejoong inhaled slowly before exhaling even slower. He twirled the cigarette around in his fingers and had a coughing fit. Well, I haven’t had one in a long time.

Couple bypassers threw a concerned stare at him but Jaejoong just waved as a response; I’m okay.

It wasn’t late yet; maybe not even
eight o’clock – the evening was young but Jaejoong had no intention to go out today. It was Thursday. What kind of idiot would go out on Thursdays? Going out meant drinking to Jaejoong – he didn’t get drunk easily, so it was fun to see the others embarrassing themselves while he himself was sober. Going out meant relaxing with a group of friends. Going out meant Yunho.

The smoke stung his eyes and he rubbed them with his left hand. The hand with the cigarette was shaking slightly.

Age doesn’t come alone, he thought and let out a forced chuckle. Aging isn’t funny. A chuckle.

Jaejoong watched the pavement as he trotted forward, smoking the cigarette and watching the other people on the street whom he presumably would never see again. It felt kind of unfortunate – so many people passed him everyday and he didn’t know a single one of them. He didn’t know their histories, their families, their characters. He could only see their exterior and assume what kind of people they were from the way they looked or chose their clothes.

Such a shame.

He dropped the cancer stick to the asphalt and stepped on it, putting it out.

Maybe I should head back before I lose myself into the crowd, Jaejoong thought and smirked, the crowd looks more like a thousand-headed monster to me.

Jaejoong stared at the wrinkled cigarette butt and then took a glimpse of the cigarette pack; Marlboro Gold. These really didn’t sit well with his budget, but were the only ones he could smoke.

The Golds have the smoothest and best aftertaste, Jaejoong picked a new cigarette from the pack, but I really should stop wasting them.

He wasn’t a chain smoker, no – his smoking was seldom; but even then he wanted to smoke only Marlboro Gold. It fit his tastes (Jaejoong called it his dirty pleasure; more expensive than a normal cigarette, but he smoked them two in month at most) and even if it was more expensive than a ‘normal’ cigarette, he would spend his wons on them.

Jaejoong rolled the cigarette in his fingers, eyes moving along the lines of the cancer stick, before he put it back into the pack and turned around; he would be going home now.

”Uh, hello.”

It’s me.” Yoochun’s voice was tired and he sounded experienced, more mature than he usually was. It didn’t stop Jaejoong from being an ass.

”Oh, you.”

Shut up, Joongie. How’s your night been?

”Just came from outside. Smoked a cig,” Jaejoong didn’t mention the fact that Yunho had kissed him. It would just make things difficult.

Better than mine, I guess…

”Gonna go clubbing tonight? The night is young, you know, not even nine o’clock – I’m sure you could get some tonight without Junsu tagging along,” the breathing on the other side of the line stopped abruptly at the mention of Junsu, “I mean – you’ve been blaming the fact that you can’t get the chicks on Junsu and his flamboyant gayness.”

Jaejoong heard Yoochun sigh.

I guess – well, I guess it’s not as fun to go out alone as it is to go with Junsu.”

Jaejoong would lie if he said now that he wasn’t confused.

”But aren’t you always complaining?”

Well, uh, yeah but,” Yoochun was stammering, “it’s much more fun to go clubbing with someone you know than to go alone and, well…”

”Well, why don’t you ask Junsu then?”

I did.”

”And he just declined like that?”

He had other plans… with Changmin.” The words tasted bitter in Yoochun’s mouth and he regretted saying them. Jaejoong would surely take it the wrong way and tease him about it.

”So you’re being pissed off because your clubbing-buddy has other friends in his life besides you?”

Can’t you be a little more discreet, Jaejoongie? And it’s not because of that—well, it’s that too—but there’s just something suspicious… about them.”

”They’re having amazing sex behind your back? Changmin’s quite flexible you know, he has the bo—“ there was a choking sound – was Yoochun drinking at the same time?

Uh,… I don’t see how that is any of my business… But wait a second, how do you know about Changmin and his body?

Jaejoong laughed.

”See ya, Chunnie.”

Wait a s—

Dial tone.

Jaejoong didn’t actually have a clue about Changmin’s body, but he assumed it was flexible. Well, it looked like it was.

But Yoochun didn’t need to know this.

When Jung Yunho reached his home (an apartment he shared with his girlfriend in the 5th floor of an apartment house), he felt heavy. He took his shoes and hat off, putting the latter on the shelf – next to his girlfriend’s straw hat – and shouted “I’m home!” to the rest of the apartment. He heard a stifled ‘welcome back!’ from the living room and made his way to that room.

His girlfriend lay there on the couch, her brown button eyes watching him as he entered the room. She smiled brightly, eyes gleaming with happiness at the sight of her boyfriend. Yunho trotted his way to the couch and motioned the woman to make some space for him before lying down. He rested his head on her lap and circled his arms around her small waist.

His girlfriend looked surprised but started to play around with Yunho’s hair, oblivious to everything that was going on in Yunho’s head. So close, but yet so far.

What was I thinking – kissing him like that?! He clearly tried to excuse his way out of it, but I just kept on pushing—what happens to our friendship? Will he be upset with me or will he forgive me? I feel like I don’t know how to act around him anymore, if it was possible, steam would be coming out of Yunho’s ears now, it was just a kiss. Why do I feel like I’ve betrayed my girlfriend with it? It involved no feelings – but I still feel so guilty. I was just helping Jaejoongie to experience stuff! It’s better for him to kiss someone like me, than someone like… hell, I don’t know! Some sluttish girl downtown or – or Changmin!

Yunho felt so selfish. He had stolen a kiss from his best friend just like that, not thinking about the coincidences. Even if Joongie is only couple weeks older than me, he seems so much more mature.

I’m going to make everything clear tomorrow

His girlfriend felt something wet on her boyfriend’s cheeks – were those tears? She took a glance at her boyfriend and no, it’s just sweat.

Yunho’s eyebrows were furrowed and his face showed signs of concentration.

Friday mornings at the café were never that busy when compared to the other mornings.

But Changmin was always there.

”So, he kissed you?” the younger man said while rolling the croissant around in his hands, wondering whether to eat it now or later. Jaejoong bit his lip.

”Yeah. It wasn’t a kiss, though – more of like our lips just touching… No feeling or anything,” Jaejoong sipped the latte he had made a minute ago. Changmin let out a small ‘hmm’ –sound and turned to look at the entrance of the café.

”My guess is that he’ll be coming today here to clear things up,” Changmin said before turning his attention back to Jaejoong, “guys like him always do things like this.”

”I don’t think there are many guys like him,” Jaejoong’s tone was protective; he was defending Yunho as a reflex, he always did this when others spoke about Yunho. Changmin chuckled, I’m going to eat this croissant now, and shook his head.

”There are many guys like him. Either they are too stupid or just too selfish, but there are many guys like him,” Changmin said as he was about to bite the croissant, already wondering if it would taste as good as always. Jaejoong wanted to throw the cup at Changmin for insulting his—no, Yunho wasn’t his, – Yunho. But he didn’t.

”He isn’t stupid; maybe he’s a bit selfish… But it’s my own fault too, you know,” he started and thought about how he was going to continue the sentence, “I accepted the… best friends with benefits –thing eight months ago. I wanted to take the opportunity to be close to him,” and clearly didn’t think far enough, Jaejoong thought bitterly.

It felt strange to speak about these things openly in the café; walls had eyes and even worse – the customers had ears.

Changmin sighed.

”You know that I have a really high IQ, right? But I still don’t understand – just what do you see in him? There are many – and I mean many – better-looking and better-natured guys than he is,” Jaejoong knew what Changmin meant (and knew that it was true), but shook his head.

”Like you,” Jaejoong purred playfully, nudging the younger and earned a chuckle from Changmin, yeah, like me.

”I… I don’t know what it is that attracts me to Yunho. You can’t explain love. I know that there are many better, uh, choices for me, but… I don’t love them. I can’t even think about loving them before I have fallen out of love with him. It’s just,” Jaejoong gulped, “I have loved him for so long that sometimes I think, maybe I can’t fall out of love with him and if I did, maybe I couldn’t love another person as much as I loved him.”

Changmin hasn’t loved anyone but still he understands what Jaejoong means.
He is, after all, intelligent.

”I mean – Yunho has his imperfections, yes, but none of us is perfect. I guess… I guess the Yunho I love is the one with the imperfections; not the man who has mastered zillions of dance styles or the man he shows to his girlfriend. I love the Yunho he shows to me – the imperfect one,” Jaejoong finishes, his hands raking through his blonde hair. It felt releasing to tell all this to someone who listens, someone other than Yoochun (who has heard the speech thousand times before).

”He is happy with his girlfriend, you know,” Changmin says.

”I know. That’s why I’ve been trying to drop the ‘with benefit’s –part from the ‘best friends with benefits’ – if he’s happy, then I am happy,” Jaejoong replies and they both know that Jaejoong isn’t happy even if Yunho would be. He is just speaking empty words to convince himself, maybe working, maybe not.

Changmin smiles.
Even if it’s subtle, I’ll make it work.

”You should prepare yourself for the time Yunho comes,” Changmin grins and picks up his jacket – brand new. Jaejoong bows slightly and waves as a ‘bye’. The sunglasses cover the younger man’s eyes, the fedora covers his hair and the scarf covers his mouth.

Wearing a scarf like that makes you look even more suspicious, moron, Jaejoong wants to say but decides to keep quiet and watches out the windows how Changmin elegantly walks away, hands shoved into the pockets of the jackets. Reminds me of a cat.

When Jung Yunho steps into the café, there’s only one thing in Jaejoong’s mind.

I’m fucking sure that Changmin is a diviner – I bet he practices cartomancy.

Yunho looks wary as if Jaejoong is a red-skinned monster with three heads, but he is the brave warrior and sits in front of him. He is uncomfortable and shy and Jaejoong wants to laugh but can’t, when he reminds himself that this is Yunho and remembers the things that are about to end.

This is better for Yunho. Stop being selfish.

”Hi,” it’s short and awkward and Jaejoong’s smile is unexpected, but it boosts Yunho’s self-confidence. Also, it’s a greeting.

”You know, yesterday – I mean, actually, the last—the last eight months,” the younger one begins, not knowing how to continue; assuming that the older man understands. And he does, because he is Jaejoong. Jaejoong always understands. It would be strange to say those words out loud; to say that let’s stop having sex behind my girlfriend’s back.

Jaejoong understands, because he knew what Yunho wanted to say even before he even opened his mouth. Thanks to Changmin.

Yunho’s eyes are glad and relieved. Thank you.

”So,” Jaejoong says, capturing Yunho’s attention, “What’d you like?” A smile from Jaejoong is enough to make Yunho himself smile.

”Cappuccino,” he says and before Jaejoong makes his way to the machine, Yunho grips his wrist, stopping him from moving. Yunho’s hand makes its way to Jaejoong’s and he holds it for couple seconds, his grip is strong, and there’s an unsaid statement in the touch.

You’ll always be my best friend.

Jaejoong gives Yunho a reassuring smile and starts making the coffee.

It’s strange to comprehend the fact that it’s over. Jaejoong could hear Yoochun’s voice in his head, saying, It’s not ‘over’, because there is nothing to end, you moron! and it would hurt, because he knows that Yoochun is right. The dream was fun (sad, tragic and brought dread) while it lasted.

Jaejoong smiles sadly and sighs.

I’m going to get so wasted tonight.

He meets Yoochun and Junsu in front of a club (he doesn’t know the name of it and doesn’t care enough to find out), precisely at ten o’clock and is smoking a cigarette (Marlboro Gold, of course). Today, the definition of ‘going out’ is different; today’s ‘going out’ doesn’t involve Yunho.

But the main point of ‘going out’ is still the same; I’m gonna get so smashed.

Yoochun’s and Junsu’s figures slowly become noticeable in the mass of people and they near Jaejoong. Their clothes don’t interest him so he doesn’t pay any attention to what the two are wearing – and when they’ve exchanged greetings, they enter.

The club is just like every other and without looking much around, Jaejoong strides to the bar counter and orders something (“Give me something strong”) and he doesn’t know the name of it. All that matters is that it tastes good and he should get plastered after a couple of these (they taste strong and even he can’t be sober after drinking many of these).

The music is loud, the beat is like a pulse and Jaejoong’s head hurts because of it.

As he is drinking the second one of those—those drinks, Yoochun and Junsu appear out of the dancing crowd.

”Where the fuck did you disappear to?” Yoochun yells – at least tries to – over the music and mutters something what Jaejoong doesn’t hear.

”Here, moron,” Jaejoong shouts and Yoochun sits next to him (Junsu had whispered something to Yoochun’s ear and left to the mob of people) gently laying a hand on his shoulder.

Jaejoong had explained the situation to Yoochun earlier and surprisingly he hadn’t said a thing about it. Just a ‘Let’s get piss-off drunk tonight, ‘kay?’ and not a ‘You knew what was coming for you’. Yoochun really was like a soul mate.

As they drank, Jaejoong slowly get tipsier, relaxing, laughing more. Junsu had come out from the crowd with a guy – whose name Jaejoong didn’t catch – and they were openly flirting in front of Jaejoong and Yoochun. Yoochun seemed to ignore the guy.

”Why don’t you find a woman whom to hit on? Have some fun,” Jaejoong said, rotating his wrist and making the drink in the glass swirl. Yoochun’s eyes followed the movement.

”I don’t feel like one now,” the younger man’s tone was dull and he sounded like the experienced man Jaejoong had heard on the phone. Or maybe it was because of the music that was blaring and getting annoying little by little. Yoochun continued, “What about you?”

”Women are beautiful, but disgusting if they’re touching my body. I get sick when I even think about a woman’s hands on my skin, her manicured nails tracing patterns,” the music had quieted down for a while and it was easier to talk. Jaejoong’s head was pounding and he didn’t know if it was the music or the drinks that had made it so.

As the night progressed, they got even drunker. Jaejoong danced with random people, he didn’t remember their faces, did things he would regret in the morning and drank even more.

The last thing he remembers is leaving the club with Junsu and Yoochun to the latter’s house.

It’s a weird feeling when you wake up with an aching head in the middle of two men in a foreign bed. First it’s like oh shit, but it slowly changes to oh I see when you notice that those two men are close friends of yours.

This was what Jaejoong was feeling right now.

His head hurt, he was stuffed in between Yoochun and Junsu and he couldn’t feel his legs. Someone’s toe was poking his cheek and Jaejoong wanted to bite it, but was disgusted by the smell so he sat up and looked around.

It was Yoochun’s bed and while Junsu and Jaejoong were sleeping ‘the right way’, Yoochun was sleeping ‘upside down’ – his upper body on Jaejoong’s legs (which explained why he didn’t feel his legs).

Jaejoong’s memory was slowly coming back – he remembered the guy dancing with Junsu, Yoochun and how he didn’t even try to hit on women and – and he remembers how they came to Yoochun’s apartment, drunk and laughing about something (“Micky Mouse! Ahahaha, Micky is like a mouse!”) clearly not funny, staggering and then Junsu kissed him – in front of Yoochun – and after the contact they were laughing, Yoochun too, Junsu saying things like ‘I’m so surprised that Jaejoong is gay! Ahaha, gay!’ (at that time everything seemed funny).

Junsu himself was waking up and trying to kick Yoochun awake. Yoochun’s ragged breathing hit Jaejoong’s feet and he shivered, joining the kicking with Junsu. Yoochun groggily pushed himself up to sit, muttering something dark and gloomy and Jaejoong didn’t hear the words.

Jaejoong brought his hand to his cheek and yawned. He felt something short and coarse on his skin. A stubble.

”Oi, Chunnie,” Jaejoong began and yawned again, tears threatening to fall, “Can I shave my stubble in your bathroom?”

Yoochun groaned and nodded as a response, bringing a hand to support his head while keeping his eyes closed. Junsu was moving around, kicking Yoochun’s knee and mumbling nonsense and rubbing his eyes with his hands.

Jaejoong lets out a chuckle, but his headache hits him hard and he cringes, pulling his body from under Yoochun and tries to stand up, walk; but his legs are like jelly and he falls. They laugh and Jaejoong stands up again, this time successfully as he supports himself by leaning against the wall and gripping the drawers and doors – he moves towards the bathroom like this until he can feel his legs again.

From the door of the bathroom he can hear Yoochun and Junsu talking about something heatedly, but doesn’t pay attention them and just walks in and tries to find the razor and the shaving cream from the bathroom’s cabinet.

He begins the process, aiming for the perfect shave. No cuts, no burns.
Only baby-smooth skin.


Part 2

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